The Cambodia-Dutch Organization is always looking for self-confident and enthusiastic volunteers who are not afraid of new challenges. As our projects are located in the country side, your experience as a volunteer gets an extra dimension. The projects supported by Cambodia-Dutch Organization are located always in the countryside of the provinces Siem Reap and Takeo.

Siem Reap Province, Phum Chhuk

Cambodia-Dutch Organization (CDO) was founded in June 2006. Since then CDO provides free English lessons for children in the small village Phum Chhuk (pronounce: poom tsjou), in the countryside of Siem Reap. Because the lessons are such a success, many children from the next village Phum Bhouk (pronounce: poom boh) attend our classes as well.

Now, in 2012, we teach in 3 villages, 14 hours a day and around 350 children attend the schools.

To be more involved in village life as a volunteer, you live in the village. More specific in the “Cambodia-Dutch house”. This house has recently been renovated by CDO and the villagers. As a volunteer, you and the other volunteers live together with 5 orphans in this house. The volunteers will help with housekeeping. CDO requests a small amount per day from each volunteer for expenses like: electricity, repairs, kitchen equipment, bikes etc.

We provide classes from Monday morning till Friday (no classes on Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays). Transportation, food and drinks are for your own account, as also during the weekends.

Volunteers helping teaching EnglishApart from English lessons we also provide health education. We have a water filter at the house and the school. The filtered water is even drinkable for us. We teach the children and their families that they should drink this filtered water, since it is much better for their health. We already gave some hand washing and teeth brushing lessons. The children loved it. In the near future CDO would like to set up a craft school in the village, so the children can learn a profession, for example weaving. Phum Chhuk is a traditional, conservative Cambodian village. As a volunteer in the village CDO expects you to be respectful towards their culture and religion. Therefore we ask you to avoid conversations about politics or religion. CDO requests volunteers are dressed decent. Too exposing or tight clothing should be avoided, and piercings or extravagant hairstyles are not permitted. More pictures form our English teaching here.

Health Care Chhuk

Health Care CambodiaDutch Organization

Jeroen eye specialist

Dr. Jorien helping everwhere

Building our new health care centre in above mentioned village has been completed in March 2010. With help from a building expert, the health care centre is completely built by locals. The building materials were financed with donations from the Netherlands. Also the complete furnishing for the health care centre was sent from the Netherlands, including beds, crutches, rubber gloves etc. Basically everything that’s needed for a health care centre. For our health care centre we also need volunteers for medical issues. Not only volunteers for medical support, but also for creating structure. Since July 2012 our Health care centre includeds 6 staff members: 2 midwives, 1 nurse, 1 head nurse, 1 doctor and 1 person for cooking, cleaning and gardening. The success of the health care centre will largely depend on these people. If you’re interested in volunteering, send an e-mail to:

More pictures form our health care here.

Health Care Support since 02-2012.

Takeo Province, Talle Batie

Volunteers House and bamboe schools
Volunteers House and bamboo schools

We have been working in the commune Champei, in the province Takeo, since 2006. It’s about 35 to 40 km South of Phnom Penh.
The volunteers house in which you’ll be staying, was built in 2009. It is opposite of the family’s house, where you can have your breakfast, lunch and dinner.
It concerns the villages Phum Muen Protjsan, Phum Phreat and Phum Dawndong.
From these villages the Baca family, the family with whom Jan has started the guesthouse Baca Villa, originates. The brothers and sisters of the parents of the Baca family, and the cousins of the Baca boys and girls, still live in these villages. Clean (drinking)water in particular is a big problem. Together with Engineers Without Borders we are working on this issue. In the meantime sponsors from The Netherlands have donated 500 water filters already and we’ve built more than 150 toilets, but still more work needs to be done. Here we also provide free English lessons in our bamboo school (see picture) for children of different ages. In the near future we’d like to set up a craft school here as well.

Next to teaching you will also be involved in our food, social and health care projects.
You will bring food aroud once a week with our local staff, washing kids clothes, teeth cleaning, washing hands and organize game days.

More pictures form our project in Takeo here.
Below you can read the experiences of previous volunteers:

Fons, volunteers teaching English
Fons, volunteers teaching English
Also our chairman is teaching English
Also our chairman is teaching English







More beautiful pictures from our activities here: (or watch our film)

If you have any question please send us an e-mail. Previous volunteers will answer your questions.
The Cambodian people welcome you and we can really use your help.

Kind Regards, volunteers Cambodia-Dutch Organization