Vrijwilligerswerk Cambodja

Experiences of volunteer Mabel

After taking it easy the first weekend in Siem Reap and exploring the city. We arrived today at the volunteer work. First there was the meeting with Jan, the founder of the Cambodia-Dutch Foundation. Jan told us about, among other things, the differences in the culture and mentality of the local people. The local people … Continue reading Experiences of volunteer Mabel

Samrong school

Construction school started in Samroang

At the end of March it was finally time to give the green light to demolish the old school in Samroang and build a new school. All this thanks to your beautiful donations. Construction school started thanks to our donors They started immediately in Cambodia! The women of the village have dismantled the old building … Continue reading Construction school started in Samroang


Cambodia-Dutch Newsletter January 2019

As a Cambodia Dutch Organization, we are committed to contributing to the world goals set by the UN: putting an end to extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change. We make contacts with companies, schools, governments and people who realize that a fairer distribution will make the world a better place. Results achieved Cambodia 2018 … Continue reading Cambodia-Dutch Newsletter January 2019


Celebration 10th anniversary Cambodia-Dutch Foundation

Not only the wonderful weather made for a fantastic party, the warm atmosphere must have been felt almost as far as Cambodia! Cambodia-Dutch jubilee Saturday June 30, 2018 In the festively decorated pagoda tent we received our guests: loyal volunteers from all over the country, friends and girlfriends, people from the neighborhood, interested people who … Continue reading Celebration 10th anniversary Cambodia-Dutch Foundation