Stichting Cambodia-Dutch would like to thank all the people who have supported and continue to support us. We also sincerely thank our volunteers for their efforts.

Our details

Stichting Cambodia-Dutch
Strobloemstraat 17
5643JW Eindhoven (NL)

Phone number: +31 (0)6 51105340


ANBI : 8195 41 552 | Chamber of Commerce : 17227679

Rekening : 56 24 08 525 | IBAN code: NL04ABNA0562408525
BIC / Swiftcode : ABNANL2A | Bank : ABN-AMRO | Branch : Eindhoven

Would you like to authorize us to debit your donation? You can do this easily via our authorization form. Prefer to donate via Paypal? Then click on the donate button and go directly to our account.

Donations are deductible
The Cambodia-Dutch Foundation has been designated by the Tax Authorities as a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI). As a result, donations for private individuals are deductible. For more information:

What can we buy for with your donation?

Toilet: € 250.00
Water pump: € 200.00
Water filter: € 35.00
House: € 2000,00
Bicycle: € 150.00
Package with uniform, slippers and backpack: € 35.00
Food package: 40.00

Attractive tax deduction with a five-year agreement

If you are a donor or want to become a donor, it is very attractive to record this in an agreement for at least five years. If you donate a fixed amount for five years, you can fully deduct that from your tax. The threshold that normally applies to deducting gifts (1% of your aggregate income) will then be cancelled. You do not have to go to a notary to draw up an agreement.

For more information, visit the website of the Tax Authorities or calculate your deduction here.

The tax authorities ask you for two different numbers:

– The RSIN number of the Cambodia-Dutch Foundation. That is 819541552.
– The transaction number/contract number. We enter this in the agreement.

Please note!
Send two copies of the completed agreement to:

Stichting Cambodia-Dutch
Strobloemstraat 17
5643JW Eindhoven.

You will then receive one copy signed by us for your tax return.