Cambodia-Dutch Foundation’s 15 year anniversary!

Fancy a delicious Cambodian snack and drink? Register in advance for 10 euros per person in our shop or via the website. There is a great program for this day: The shop is open, there is live music and you can meet our Cambodian staff via screen. You will find us on the garage square behind Floralaan Oost 162A here in Eindhoven.

15 year Cambodia-Dutch Foundation

We are going to celebrate a party together because 15 years is not nothing!

The program of this special day:

– 3:00 PM welcome and toast together

– 3:30 PM Rene, is a Buddhist and tells us about Buddhism, 95% of Cambodians are Buddhists

– 4:00 PM the Cambodian team led by Phea can be seen on a big screen, you can ask questions. In the meantime, Hans will cook delicious food again on the square with the herbs used in Cambodia.

– 6:00 PM Tasting Cambodian snacks (for those who have registered) A timeline can be seen on the walls of the square, showing what good things have happened in the 15 years that CDO has been working and supporting in Cambodia.
A booklet will be published with anecdotes from Jan, me and volunteers. While enjoying music, a snack and a drink, we can meet again and strengthen ties.

– 7:00 PM closing

People who want to eat with the Cambodian snacks can deposit 10 euros, stating Party Cambodia-Dutch and name.

Stichting cambodia-dutch


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