Celebration 10th anniversary Cambodia-Dutch Foundation

Not only the wonderful weather made for a fantastic party, the warm atmosphere must have been felt almost as far as Cambodia!

Cambodia-Dutch jubilee Saturday June 30, 2018

In the festively decorated pagoda tent we received our guests: loyal volunteers from all over the country, friends and girlfriends, people from the neighborhood, interested people who just got to know us through extensive newspaper reports about our 10-year anniversary etc. Groups were talking animated everywhere , the store was full of customers, children tinkered with beautiful gnomes of tree trunks, grabbed or enjoyed themselves on the bouncer. There were stalls with our fair trade bags, the moringa products and our new birthday calendar. Our big-hearted donor Wijngaard Hees also managed to entice many people to purchase some bottles in their booth.

10 jaar

In the office that had been transformed into a skype room, we could talk to Jan in Cambodia for half an hour and we heard the latest news. Rita then introduced the board and looked back on all the projects of the past ten years. She told about successes, but also did not skip the surprising things we encountered.


Then the six-member band (the Fratelli Brothers) played the stars of heaven with beautiful ballads and nice swinging songs, there was dancing and everyone enjoyed it. Hans and his team were already cooking a delicious Cambodian meal. A little later we feasted on the spicy soup and the colorful curries with nuts and salad to end with a flowery dessert of mango ice cream with fruits.


Because of this wonderful party we feel very supported and charged to continue our work in Cambodia. Fortunately we received nice donations for our newest project: the new building at Samroang school..

We thank all who have worked to make this day a real party.






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