Samrong school

Construction school started in Samroang

At the end of March it was finally time to give the green light to demolish the old school in Samroang and build a new school. All this thanks to your beautiful donations.

Construction school started thanks to our donors

They started immediately in Cambodia! The women of the village have dismantled the old building with a lot of guts. (unfortunately we have no pictures of it). The children received their lessons under the trees.

The building land has now been leveled and the new materials have been ordered, it is now hoped that the weather gods will cooperate, so that the new school is ready for the rainy season.

Thank you again and we would like to keep you informed.

On behalf of the Cambodia-Dutch Foundation

Rita Camp

View the progress of the construction in photos here

Samroang primary

Sloop school


metselwerk Cambodja

Bouw school

Volg alle ontwikkelingen van dit project op de Samroang project pagina.

Thanks to our donors and volunteers!

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