In memoriam Jan Camp, founder Cambodia-Dutch Organization

From the hospital in Thailand we received the sad news from Rita that her brother Jan Camp, founder of Cambodia-Dutch Organization, passed away on Monday 18 February after a short illness.

Rita, who had flown from the Netherlands to Thailand a week earlier, experienced some rough days. Jan’s health deteriorated so rapidly that it was hard to comprehend. He died in hospital.

On Tuesday Jan was transported to Cambodia, where a heartwarming welcome was prepared at Baca Villa. The garden and his house were decorated in a special way and about a hundred people were present to receive him and show their love. The special last rituals of the old ladies were heartwarming. On Thursday, Jan’s body was transported to the Khnar Po commune, where he was given a Buddhist funeral and cremated on a high woodpile. Hundreds of Cambodians lined the route and attended the cremation. On Friday Rita, together with the family of Phea, Jan’s right hand, scattered part of the ashes in the TonlĂ© Sapmeer. Jan often came there. Later in the year, a stupa will be built at the Medical Center, where the urn will be interred.

On behalf of the board and all volunteers of Cambodia-Dutch, we wish Rita and Jans Dutch and Cambodian family a lot of strength.

Also read the article about Jan on the website of broadcaster Brabant (only in Dutch).

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