Khmer New Year in CHHUK:

The year of the Rabbit, Khmer New Year !

Started with a heavy rainfall in the dry season !
The food was ready and everybody was waiting on us. Fortunately around 10.00 am stopped raining and the sun was shining, the game day started.

>300 kids from the village CHHUK, BHOS and Rhomdeng standing ready, but first eating time, we bought 250 baguette. All the villagers helped making the MIE food.





After walking with the eggs, hit the clay pots blindfold, playing football (donated by VVV Venlo) and pull the rope time for dancing with Khmer Music.  A lot of fun again and again an exiting game day.

With thanks to Rita and Willy (which where here on holiday), the volunteers Amanda, Tjitskes, Kat and Chantal and our local teachers.

More pictures here: Game day CHHUK

Happy Khmer New Year and many greetings

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