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Newsletter March 2024

How wonderful to be able to say that there is so much interest in our “Better Life Education Farm” project. Many people visit the farm to gain inspiration and information. The visitors come from all over the country, the number of energetic women is high. There is also a lot of interest from other NGOs in Cambodia.

Better Life project update

No wonder that Wilde Ganzen are happy that their support produces such good results. The first year has now been completed and the staff in Cambodia have submitted three high-quality financial reports. Once the fourth is completed, we can move on to the second year. The CDO team is eager to shape the planned ideas, so the financial support is highly welcome. A large hall has now been constructed, which is now used as an information room, among other things, but the aim is to serve as a storage space for all agricultural products.

One of our creative employees already had new plans brewing: A model farm with fields, a greenhouse and solar cabins. She already sees opportunities to turn it into a complete ecosystem. We in the Netherlands are also getting really excited.

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