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Dear readers,

A busy day, Saturday January 29th 2011! No regular volunteers available today; Lieke is ill and Louise has to work. Today we expect about 15 volunteers and partners. In the shed it’s -5 degrees today, so for the first time this year we have to turn on the heating at 8 in the morning. Usually we don’t do this, to safe power, but now it would be crazy not to!

At 11 a.m. a woman drops off some lovely toys. After helping to unload, I have to make some coffee and tea, slice the cake, set up the PowerPoint presentation, which is a lot of work for me without Lieke, and hang up the flag outside. Everything’s ready in time, so the candidate volunteers are welcome.

Marga is bringing the oil for the sewing machines, because Gerrie and Ada are coming to oil and repair the sewing machines, so they will be ready to be sent to Cambodia.

The first candidate volunteers arrive, Jorien is the first one. She’s studying to become a GP and wants to go to our medical post in Cambodia in June. Some people can’t find our shed, so I quickly go to the street “Floraplein” and wave on the corner. Marga is helping out by pouring coffee and tea.

There are volunteers from Frankfurt (Germany), Belgium, The Hague and Utrecht. After that I can’t keep up anymore. 15 candidate volunteers and with a few parents joining, we have 20 visitors in total. 2 people would like to work as medical volunteers and the others would like to teach. The presentation starts at noon, but there are still more people entering. In the mean time many questions are being asked. Two 17 year olds brought their parents. One of the parents shows such enthusiasm by saying that he would like to visit the communes. Everyone is sincerely interested in coming to the communes.

In the mean time Henry and Miriam are dropping by to measure up how many more shelves have to be made for the shop. Unfortunately I don’t have time for a chat.

I go home satisfied and pick up the billboards i ordered from an advertising agency. We will put them on the door of the Cadu-Home and on a wall on the street side, so we’re more visible.


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