Voedselpakket Cambodja

Newsletter November 2021

We wrote in the previous newsletter that we almost had the amount for the renovation of the roof of Sambathschool, now we can already show the result! A beautiful new roof and the whole school freshly painted blue. A huge thank you to all donors! Cambodia-Dutch newsletter November 2021 We are immediately making plans for … Continue reading Newsletter November 2021

In memoriam Jan Camp, founder Cambodia-Dutch Organization

From the hospital in Thailand we received the sad news from Rita that her brother Jan Camp, founder of Cambodia-Dutch Organization, passed away on Monday 18 February after a short illness. Rita, who had flown from the Netherlands to Thailand a week earlier, experienced some rough days. Jan’s health deteriorated so rapidly that it was … Continue reading In memoriam Jan Camp, founder Cambodia-Dutch Organization

Vrijwilligerswerk Cambodja

Experiences of volunteer Mabel

After taking it easy the first weekend in Siem Reap and exploring the city. We arrived today at the volunteer work. First there was the meeting with Jan, the founder of the Cambodia-Dutch Foundation. Jan told us about, among other things, the differences in the culture and mentality of the local people. The local people … Continue reading Experiences of volunteer Mabel