Newsletter April 2023

In the previous newsletter we proudly reported that the “BETTER LIFE FARM” project had been approved by Wilde Ganzen and that we were still looking for a donor who wanted to contribute a considerable amount . That has made for exciting days, just when we wanted to give up hope, miraculous help arrived. And now it has even gone so fast that the desired amount, supplemented by “Wilde Ganzen” is on the account in Cambodia! A big thank you to everyone who contributed!

News from Phum Bos Cambodia

Just like last year, Gerry and Rita visited the special day of Wilde Ganzen in Amersfoort. This time they came back very inspired and extremely enthusiastic. They found the workshops on community participation and individual resilience very valuable. They followed the very interesting lecture on international solidarity by Els Hertogen, director of the Belgian organization 11. Els Hertogen wrote the book, “From charitable to just”, a statement that we as an organization fully support. How nice it would be if money and luxury were no longer the highest goal, but love, respect and sharing together. We want to use it as a theme for the celebration of our fifteenth anniversary this year and have even invited the writer. We are curious if she can come.

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