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Newsletter March 2021

Now that we are in a lockdown ourselves because of Covid-19 and many of us are going through tough times, it may be a bit much to ask to look across the border, even all the way to Cambodia . If you still want to know how things are going there, below is a part of a report from of January 31, 2021:

Corona and economy strikes in Cambodia

Cambodia and Thailand economies hit rock bottom: debt mounts
Cambodia’s economy is steeped in debt. Despite hallelujah stories about offshore oil, Cambodia’s economy is plummeting from low to low. The biggest killer is the stagnation of supply from China due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Factories in the Khmer country have run out of supplies as a result. The result is forced work stoppages, delays in the production process and massive layoffs. Even food is being cut, says NGO Licadho.
The tourism and clothing sectors in particular have been hit hardest. The World Bank estimates that the Cambodian economy will grow by 2% in 2020 and 4% this year. That’s low compared to the consistent 7 percent average growth over the last ten years. The tourism industry has come to a standstill because international air and travel traffic has been suspended. In the clothing sector, dozens of factories have now closed. Thousands of employees are now unemployed, there is no other paid work available. Last year, 129 textile factories were closed, representing about 70,000 workers who lost their jobs and income.

The above has a major impact on the population. The English classes are less visited because the children are often out looking for food for their family, it is now urgently necessary to distribute more food parcels, so as not to let people starve.


We are therefore happy to be able to write positive messages as well: In the commune of Khnar Po we have found a donor for Run Sreylis, a very smart girl, who will give her education to the university in Siem Reap.

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