Newsletter May 2022

A ceremony was organized in April at the initiative of the director of the Sambath School. Dozens of monks made their way to the memorial site for Jan opposite the Health Care where a large tent was set up to chant their beautiful songs during the memorial service, honoring Jan and the work he has done in the commune.

Buddhist ceremony for Jan

At such ceremonies, Cambodian visitors wear white blouses and it is customary to provide the monks with rice and a donation. Bills of one hundred or one thousand riel are placed in their bowls, which sounds like a lot, but one thousand riel is converted into 25 euro cents.

Lockdown Cambodja

For Cheng, our coordinator, and teacher Louern, this was an opportunity to give the children of the school a backpack. Now that the lockdown has also been lifted in Cambodia, people are enjoying meeting each other again and the children are excited to meet again in class.

Medical post

Our Health Care that we built in 2009 has an important and central function in the commune. The building suffers a lot from the wet monsoon season. The heavy rains wash away the sand layers under the floors and damp spots appear on the walls, which is of course not conducive to the hygiene of the medical post. Unfortunately, the large water filter installation is broken, the filter is still OK, but the installation no longer functions, so the nurses have to make do by scooping water from the blue barrel.

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