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Newsletter November 2021

We wrote in the previous newsletter that we almost had the amount for the renovation of the roof of Sambathschool, now we can already show the result! A beautiful new roof and the whole school freshly painted blue. A huge thank you to all donors!

Cambodia-Dutch newsletter November 2021

Project nieuw dak

We are immediately making plans for a new project, which we would like to tell you more about soon: Better Life Farm


In Takeo, Kimlang cannot complete the practical part of her teacher training due to the lockdown, but she has started her master’s degree (online) full of enthusiasm. She is very creative in finding opportunities to study together.

Health Care

In March of this year, it seemed that Cambodia was far from being able to vaccinate the population against Covid-19, now that the government in Cambodia has been decisive with the vaccination program. No choice for the population of whether or not everyone needs the vaccine. Our Health Care played a central role in the region, because it is now known as very hygienic and well-functioning.

Social Care

Now that almost all residents have been vaccinated, that does not mean that everything is running smoothly there, the pandemic is taking hold. Due to the long lockdown, many people have lost their jobs, tuktuk drivers have no work due to the lack of tourists, teachers cannot teach because schools are closed. The lockdown was only lifted last week. Our CDO has distributed extra food packages to alleviate the worst need. This was very much appreciated by the people.

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Read more of our newsletter November 2021! (Sorry, only in Dutch for the moment)

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