Newsletter November 2022

Finally it was again possible for Rita to travel to Cambodia and spend several weeks there. After the many zoom sessions over the past two years, it was nice for everyone to meet in person and see together what progress has been made. Rita’s specific goal was to make the organization stronger and to optimize the connections.

Visit family and projects Cambodia

Rita was picked up by Phea from the airport and in the following weeks he visited all schools and projects with her. Many meetings were also organized. She would have loved to have her brother Jan by her side in these activities. That he is also missed there was evident from the many reactions of the people. A small ceremony was also held in his memory.

Better Life Farm project

We are proud to announce that our new project has been approved by Wilde Ganzen. It means that the plans are well thought out and the project has a solid foundation to get. The project consists of an education center for farmers next to moringa plantations and fields with varied plantings of lemongrass, peppers and turmeric. These products provide a lot of vitamins and minerals. The aim is by sharing professional knowledge and providing employment to bring the living conditions of the whole commune to a higher level. The interest in the commune is big and it is very special that there are many women joining who see new opportunities to improve their lives and that of their families improve.

Progress education

Rita had planned a large number of meetings with the directors of the schools, and there were more and more requests for English lessons. She was always warmly welcomed by the children.

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