Around Chhuk

Since 2006 Cambodia-Dutch has been working in the beautiful surroundings of the village of Chhuk. It is located thirty kilometers southeast of the city of Siem Reap and mainly traditional rice farmers Continue reading “Around Chhuk”

Medical post

In 2010, we completed the first part of the medical post in Khnar Po commune in collaboration with the local population and a local engineer. We also dug a new well for drinking water. The purpose of the Continue reading “Medical post”


About forty kilometers south of the capital Phnom Penh is the commune of Champei, in the province of Takeo. More than 6,000 people live in seven villages. More than half of the children are under 21 years Continue reading “Takeo”


The school in Rhomdeng has been considerably improved after some renovations. Two toilet blocks have been placed, a large water pump has been placed on the square and the complex has a new fence. A library has also Continue reading “Rhomdeng”


We would like the children around Samroang to be able to receive education in a safe school building. That is why we are now raising funds to build a brick school, with a larger capacity. This will allow even more children to go to school. Continue reading “Samroang”


Jan Camp was always looking for projects that stimulate employment. He started the moringa project at the end of 2012. He started with a number of moringa trees in his garden. The moringa trees were then planted Continue reading “Moringa”