We are going to realize Jan Camp’s dream: our new project “Better Life Education Farm“.


A center for growth and education, close to the Moringa plantations. Plans and designs are ready for housing with a functional space for education to the farmers in the area, an office for the CDO and possibly also a place where future volunteers can stay. The aim is to teach the farmers in the area to plant herbs in addition to growing rice so that they can be assured of a better income.

The herbs will be dried and packaged in a professional manner, so that they are ready for sale in the markets, but also sent abroad. The spices are: lemongrass, turmeric, ginger, lime, white turmeric and of course moringa.

Interim evaluation

The project started at the beginning of April. The farm has been renovated, the wood has been reused. A large veranda has been added where meetings with the farming families take place.

Project better life Cambodja

Farmers in each village are invited to provide information about growing crops other than rice. After the information, farmers can register and receive the first seeds. It’s amazing that many women sign up. We are particularly happy about this because women still have a considerable disadvantage in Cambodia.

Better Life Project people

Preparation and sowing of the land that serves as a testing ground and is part of the farm has also started. There are 2 solar dryers of different sizes installed. Various products are already dried in it, such as lemongrass and chili peppers.

Better Life Education Products

The farmers can decide for themselves whether they offer their products for drying or sell them on the market themselves, depending on the price. The project is going according to schedule, but sometimes the weather is the culprit and the harvest is rained out.

Better Life Project Solar Dryers

The large and small solar dryer – – – – All new buildings are inaugurated with a ceremony

Ideas are already emerging to package the dried material yourself, which will also create employment. Commune better life education farm is a 2 year project. With enormous thanks to all donors, without them CDO cannot realize this.

Update: October 2023