The school in Rhomdeng has been considerably improved after some renovations. Two toilet blocks have been placed, a large water pump has been placed on the square and the complex has a new fence. A library has also been built, where about fifteen hundred books in Khmer or English are now available. We also give English lessons at the school.

The school and water pumps in Rhomdeng

Since 2006, a lot of work has been done in the commune of which Rhomdeng is a part. More than six hundred water pumps have been installed, simple houses and toilets have been built and we help with the maintenance of the school. We organize meetings with villagers where problems can be discussed. Extra-large water installations have been installed at six schools. If a pump no longer functions, a family in the commune will repair it for a fee. Local people built more than five hundred toilet blocks near the houses and the schools. We also pay attention to the correct use and maintenance of the toilets.