We would like the children around Samroang to be able to receive education in a safe school building. That is why we are now raising funds to build a brick school, with a larger capacity. This will allow even more children to go to school.

The school in Samroang

The school in Samroang is a wooden building with two classrooms. The school has 160 enthusiastic, eager to learn students, aged from five to fourteen. Unfortunately, the current school building is no longer safe enough. The roof is leaking and the wooden posts are largely rotten. The paneling of the school is also in poor condition.

Het huidige gebouw in Samroang

A school nearby

The current building has also become too small, because more and more children want to follow education. A good development, but already twenty children have to go to other villages to get education there. The distances are so great that students need a bicycle and the purchase of one is too expensive for many families. In addition, the unpaved roads are difficult to pass during the rainy season.


Building a brick school

We would like to build a brick school in Samroang with a larger capacity. All donations, big or small, are welcome! Click here for more information about donating to our projects. Do you want to authorize us? You can do this easily via our authorization form.

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