Shop Cambodia is our store. It can be found on the garage square behind Floralaan 162 in Eindhoven. Most of the store is filled with things that people bring us. All proceeds benefit our projects in Cambodia.

Our store: Thrift Shop Cambodia-Dutch

With about ten volunteers we sort all good and beautiful clothes, household items, jewelry, toys, books, music and films and we ensure that the store looks nice. Everything is sold for a small price. We have a growing clientele who consider sustainability important and who like to give second-hand goods a second chance. We are also a clothing depot and we pack old and worn clothes, curtains and fabrics in bags. We have already handed in hundreds of kilos.

Fair trade products

In our fair trade corner we sell products produced in Cambodia from our own moringa factory and bags made from recycled cement bags. They can also be viewed in the Marktplaats webshop).

Opening hours and location

Our store is open on Saturdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We can be found at Floralaan Oost 162 in Eindhoven, at the back of the courtyard. ACCORDING TO RIVM GUIDELINES!