Cambodia-Dutch Newsletter January 2019

As a Cambodia Dutch Organization, we are committed to contributing to the world goals set by the UN: putting an end to extreme poverty, inequality, injustice and climate change. We make contacts with companies, schools, governments and people who realize that a fairer distribution will make the world a better place. Results achieved Cambodia 2018 … Continue reading Cambodia-Dutch Newsletter January 2019

500 water filter units spend for Cambodia

A group of friends, Jaap, Peter, Marc, William and Jan, organized waterfilter campaign for Takeo. With the amount of 500 waterfilter donated to the people of Takeo is was a huge success. We had a nice time during the campaign with you guys! [two_column][/two_column] [two_column_last][/two_column_last] Click for more pictures these links: CDO Photobucket and … Continue reading 500 water filter units spend for Cambodia