Would you like to work as a volunteer in Cambodia? Then you are most welcome at our organization. We offer a challenge for enthusiastic people who are creative, flexible and independent and who want to adapt to the situation in Cambodia.

Become a volunteer for Cambodia-Dutch?

We are looking for volunteers who want to teach and support local teachers in teaching English. We are also looking for medical volunteers who want to contribute to improving medical facilities. We think it is important that you are well prepared for your volunteer work. You will receive support from local people on the spot. Keep into account that you will have to come up with creative solutions yourself if things do not go as expected.

Due to the corona crisis, we are currently not holding information or preparation days. We also do not use medical volunteers.

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Who can work as a volunteer?

In principle, anyone who speaks English, is between 18 and 99 years old and is motivated is welcome.

Education and social work: what will you do?

You will help support teachers and teach English at different schools in Cambodian communes. We have built these schools, and our enthusiastic teachers give free English lessons to children and young people between the ages of 5 and 23. The classes have different levels. In addition to the lessons, there is also a lot of opportunity for social activities, such as a games day or sports day.

Medical volunteers – on hold

Since 2010 we have a medical post where you can support as a medical volunteer. The diversity of diseases is great. Think of infections, burns, fractures, abdominal complaints, scabies, nits, hepatitis B, AIDS, malnutrition, diabetes, problems with the urinary tract and venereal diseases. We also offer help with childbirth. Staff also provide information and there is a vaccination program at locations in the area.

Additional information for medical volunteers

If you want to volunteer as a medical professional, you need a valid BIG registration. Doctors, nurses and midwives work with us as volunteers. Expansion with other areas of expertise is negotiable. The medical post consists of a waiting room, treatment rooms and a number of beds. There is a tuk-tuk ambulance for transporting patients to a hospital in the city. There is also a counter for dispensing medication.

Medical work

Possible activities include preparing and packing medication, dispensing medication, supporting surgical procedures, wound care and assessing moderate to medium complex conditions. The symptoms can vary from a simple cold and bacterial skin infection to childbirth and fractures. Other important parts of your job are providing information about and taking care of general hygiene in and outside the medical post.

Working as an agricultural volunteer

Do you have experience in the agricultural sector? Then you can get started on our moringa plantation. The Moringa Oliefera is a wonderful tree. This nutrient-rich tree is extremely rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Moringa leaves are a natural organic source for the vitamins, minerals and energy in our body. In addition, the Moringa Oliefera contains antioxidants, antibacterial substances, antimicrobial antitoxin and antifungal materials. As a volunteer you work on the land, improve work processes, prepare documentation and process the leaves into end products.

Volunteer in your own field

Do you have knowledge in another field and do you have a good idea on how to improve the living conditions of the people in Cambodia? We are always open to ideas and are happy to talk to you.

When can I go?

Our projects run all year round and you can usually go during the period that suits you. You will go for at least four weeks, because you need time to get used to the Cambodian situation. It is also important for education that there is not someone else in the classroom every week in addition to the teacher. Together we look at the availability of the project of your choice. That usually works, only in the months of July and August it can sometimes be busier. We are happy to discuss the possibilities.

What will my time in Cambodia look like?

1 – The journey

We work in two communes that are 350 kilometers apart. Khnar Po is near Siem Reap and Takeo is south of Phnom Penh. Medical volunteers work northwest of the city of Siem Reap. You can go to both the north and the south for our educational projects. Your journey always starts in Siem Reap. Here you will meet Messrs. Pea and Chheng, the head and coordinator of our organization. They give you all the information you need.

2 – Back to basics

As a volunteer you go back to basics and live like the locals. You live in the volunteer house and have a room, which you share with another volunteer if necessary. Your room has a sleeping place with a mattress and mosquito net, electricity, a fan and one or more sockets. The bathroom has a sitting toilet and a large water basin. With a pan you scoop water from the bowl to shower or flush the toilet. It takes some getting used to, but after a week you don’t know any better. In Chhuk you take care of your own food. You buy your own ingredients and wood to light the fire. In the south you can eat in the restaurant of ‘mother’ for a fixed amount.

3 – Work and leisure

You work on the projects from Monday to Friday. At the weekend you are free to make trips or relax in the city and enjoy a hot shower and air conditioning.

4 – What contribution do we ask from you?

Paying for volunteer work may sound strange, but without that contribution our projects cannot exist. We use the money to purchase teaching methods, maintain buildings, and pay the salaries of medical staff and teachers. It is important to know that we keep costs as low as possible and we do not make any profit. The contribution is 450 euros for four weeks. Each additional week costs 90 euros. This includes staying in the volunteer house from Monday to Friday, supervision during the projects and preparation in the Netherlands. Additional costs are your transport to and from the projects, your meals and the costs for a Certificate of Good Conduct. Fortunately, Cambodia is very cheap compared to the Netherlands.

What’s the next step?

Does all this sound like music to your ears? Send an email to volunteers [a] cambodia-dutch.org to register. We will then invite you to an information day, which takes place every last Saturday of the month. After this you can decide whether you want to register permanently.

Visa Information

Since the price of a visa changes regularly, we refer you to the internet for the most current amount. You can buy a (tourist) visa for Cambodia on arrival at the border or at the airport (to be paid in USD). Two passport photos are required. Bring the amount in cash and appropriately. If you stay longer than a month, take a business visa. You can extend this to at least six months without any problems. You must apply for the extension immediately upon arrival in Siem Reap, because it takes eight to ten days.

Volunteering with children

You can read about how to deal with children as a traveler and volunteer via the following links:

Better Care Network – folder dealing with children.
Child Safe Network – child-friendly travel.